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This is unacceptable....

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by gelino, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. gelino

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    today, 16:04 fahrenheit :

    we want this important moment of launching the live server for you to be a real celebration and that it would leave good impression afterwards. to make everything as we wanted we unfortunately need 2 more hours max. we hope that within these 2 hours max of waiting will be forgotten right after the second you start playing.

    p.s. while we are working really hard here you can get ready for a long and interesting night which is ahead of you. go fetch yourselves a drink, watch a movie, take a nap or call your best friend for a chat.

    today, 17:06 fahrenheit :

    launching in 20 mins :)
    guys, wrap up the telephone talks, laundry and chatting - we are launching in 20 mins!

    today, 19:44 splicho :

    server situation
    you are asked not to flame and open new topics.

    administration is doing their best to provide stable service.

    please wait for news.

    today, 21:26 fahrenheit :

    greetings to our first players!

    today, 22:08 fahrenheit :

    now we currently have players online yet we are experiencing some problems with the site so that is why it might be problematic for you to enter the game.

    are you f......ing kidding us?

    half of ppl that want to join servers have problems loading the game including me and spend all week to fix it
    you say announce server will open in a specific time but still server is offline at least for 90% of players
    in my opinion the way that lineage launch is **** cant understand why this thing is happening why you make it so f.....ing difficult to play a simple game
    i would agree with the tactic to allow some of the players to log at periods of time to avoid lag and high traffic at login at start of the server but this is totally unfair + rly stupid to stay in frond of the pc and spam refresh on site....

    can anyone tell me why the hell i should stay and play here and consider making a donation if you fail that much? you are acting like all the fail private servers i have played and i think most of ppl agree with me

    i doubt now that you can provide me a nice and stable server to play problems have started days before you even launch the server and you simply ignored them
  2. Etherial

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    we'd like to inform you that this topic is being closed, since it is inactive, and is being archived, as planned.

    kind regards.
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