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IMPORTANT FAQ: Server merge

Discussion in '2019' started by Artchem, Jul 16, 2019.

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  1. Artchem

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    Dear players!

    The merge is planned to be performed during the maintenance on July 31st.

    Please note though that this is a complicated process, so the maintenance duration can be prolonged or the date can be moved, or some information can be added to the post with FAQ: “Server merge”. We are trying to eliminate all possible issues, so we hope you will understand these possible changes. If you have any questions about the process, you can always ask here. If you have any questions or issues with your accounts, please address them to the Support Service as it's the most secure way to deal with your personal information.

    【Basic principles of merge】

    Characters will be transferred from the Tiat server to Core server. The merged server will be called Core+Tiat.


    July 17 — CH auction is disabled on the Tiat server.
    July 29 — Olympiad period is finished on the Tiat server.

    July 31 — Core(+Ramona) and Tiat are merged.
    August 1 — Grand Olympiad is open to register on the united server.


    • There cannot be more than 7 characters on one server within the account.
    • All characters from the Core server shall remain.
    • If there is more than 7 characters on Tiat on the account, the characters shall be chosen according to the following logic: clan leader, XP amount, date of creation.
    • XP should be counted on the main class.
    • If there are two clan leaders on the account, the one with higher clan level shall be transferred.
    • If there are the characters with the same name on Core and Tiat, after the transfer the one from Tiat will get a prefix _39.
    • The characters with a prefix shall have a possibility to choose a new name the first time they enter the game after the merge.
    • A block of character (permanent or for some period of time) shall not influence character’s transfer.
    • A character (except for clan leaders) will not be transferred, if:
      • it’s level is 39th and lower.
      • is waiting to be deleted.
    • If the character is dead or in transformation at the moment of server merge, character’s condition won’t change.
    • Things that shall not change after transfer:
      • Level, title, XP amount, Rep. value, individual fame, skills panel, skills themselves (active and passive, their level shall not change), Noblesse status (and noblesse skills), PvP count, PK and Raid Points.
      • Subclasses and dualclasses remain.
      • All the quests in the quest journal shall remain.
      • Mentor-mentee relations. If the mentor or the mentee was not transferred, such relations shall be broken. There should be no penalty for it.
      • PA Points.
      • The number of penalties on both servers characters for Ceremony of Chaos registration cancellation shall remain.
    • The list of the current macro should remain.
    • Friend list and block list of both servers characters shall remain.

    • All the items of the transferred characters that are equipped, kept in inventory, in the warehouse or with the help of Dimensional Merchant shall be also transferred.
    • All the active trades in auction house system shall be finished and the items shall be sent to the seller’s warehouse. Commission shall not be compensated.
    • Recipes shall remain.
    • Character tattoos shall remain.
    • Deleted characters’ mail with attachments should be available to withdraw from Mailbox UI.
    • Character mail shall remain.
    • The number of Mysterious Marks on both servers characters shall remain.
    • Blood Sword Akamanah\Demonic Sword Zariche\Seven Signs - all the character’s condition shall not remain for both servers characters.
    • Ceremony of Chaos winner’s ruler's authority belt shall remain.

    • Pet’s level and XP amount shall remain.
    • Dead pets shall be reverted.
    • Pet’s name shall not remain. There shall be a possibility to name a pet once again.
    • The items that are located in the pet’s inventory remain.

    • If two clans on Core and Tiat have the same name, after the transfer the one from Tiat will get a prefix _39.
    • If the clan name matches on two servers, the one with a prefix shall have a possibility to choose a new name
    • Clan list, clan warehouse, clan reputation, clan level and clan skills shall remain.
    • The following clan features from Tiat will not be transferred and shall remain for Core:
      • Clan emblems,
      • Possession of castles and fortresses,
      • Alliances and the current war-list with other clans.
      • Hero status.
      • Dimensional castles.
    • After the merge the possession of clan halls shall remain for Core.
    • Clans’ daily quest progress shall remain for all clans.
    • Taxes for castles on Tiat that remain unclaimed on the moment of merge will not be returned.
    • Clan hall owners from Tiat will be compensated with the initial selling price of the clan hall. Administration will not compensate the intentional deals before the merge to increase the compensation amount.
    • Provisional clan hall owners from Tiat will be compensated with adena based on price and remaining time of rent.

    【Contestable Clan halls】
    • Possession of the following clan halls shall remain on Core.
    • Contestable Clan halls owners shall be compensated with clan reputation points.
      • Rainbow Springs Chateau,
      • Wild Beast Reserve,
      • Fortress of the Dead,
      • Bandit Stronghold,
      • Devastated Castle,
      • Fortress of Resistance.

    • Instance Zone cooldowns will be reset, which means that they can be re-entered after the merge.
    • All characters in Royal Training Camp shall be teleported to village.
    • Weekly count of Vitality items will be reset. For example, if a character had 0 vitality items left, after the merge he gets:
      • Non-Premium accounts - Limit restored up to 5.
      • Accounts with active Premium - up to 10.000.
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