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CONTEST Teach me how to play Lineage 2

Discussion in 'News' started by Senny, May 8, 2020.

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  1. Senny

    Senny Innova Group

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    How are you doing, mavens?

    You know, there are a lot of good and painstaking L2 guides on various topics on the forum. But, unfortunately, each global game update makes many of these guidelines irrelevant. I think it’s time to update the information and take part in the guide contest!

    ♦ What should be done?

    Create an up-to-date and detailed guideline about any game-topic of Lineage 2, which will be relevant for the Homunculus update.

    ♦ When should be done?

    Applications are accepted till the 21st of May, 17:00 CEST.

    ♦ Format Requirements

    • The work has to be done in English.
    • The work should be created in text format.
    • The guide has to be relevant for Lineage 2 — Homunculus. (For example: Guide to Homunculus, Tower of Insolence and what it goes with, How to boost your character in Homunculus realities);
    • The guide must be created especially for this contest and never be published anywhere before. Plagiarism is prohibited.
    • One guide per participant will be accepted.
    • Your guide for the contest should be posted on the special subforum.
    • The title of your guideline has to include the following prefix — [Guide Contest]. For example:
    • Your work must not break the rules of the game, the forum and the current legislature of Luxembourg. Official contest rules can be found here: https://eu-new.4game.com/legal/4game/4
    • You agree with the fact that Administration has the right to use works, you presented, in marketing, advertising and other purposes.
    ♦ Recommendations

    • State the following information at the beginning of your work:
      • server name
      • character nickname
    • To make the reading easier, please, format your headers and subheaders. You can use the forum's style or simple bold/italic/underlined. Please don't use more than 3 colors or 3 fonts in your text.
    • Recommended image platform — hostingkartinok.
    • Don’t try to list all skills, items and their descriptions, use tooltips from L2Wiki to name items/locations/skills.

    How to use L2WIki tooltips on the forum:


    Melody of Refection - Iss Sword Muse

    Step 1: Find a skill in our knowledgebase, using the site search.
    Step 2: Choose “Link” button:


    Step 3: copy-and-paste the skill’s url and the skill’s name.

    Step 4: Be proud of yourself and enjoy the result.

    ♦ Prizes

    The best author will be awarded Royal Gold Save Ticket (2 pcs.) and Royal Black Save Card (5 pcs.);
    For the second place the winner will receive Royal Gold Save Ticket (2 pcs.);

    For the third place the winner will receive Royal Gold Save Ticket (1 pc.) and Royal Black Save Card (5 pcs.)

    Lineage 2 team reserves the right to chose 3-5 participants (depending on the number and the quality of works) and give out the recognition gift — Royal Black Save Card (5 pcs.)

    Also, winners will receive a new forum achievement — Hardin's Academic:

    ♦ Rewards

    Results will be approximately announced on the 22nd of May depending on the number of works.

    And remember, each your guideline may prove useful for someone from L2. Participating in the contest, you will help newcomers, returning users and even regular players.

    Let’s make Players’ Guides Subforum great again!
  2. Senny

    Senny Innova Group

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    It's 22th of May today wich means that it's time to call the winners!

    Only 6 works were uploaded, which means that we can't give out all the prizes we have. But to be honest, almost all guides are super great! They maybe few in number, but they're gooo-o-od. So, we can't wait any longer.

    The pedestal of winners:

    On the 1st place we have @iNarelin with the guide called Guide & Life of Eviscerator In Homunculus Update. It is truly a great work - detailed, neat, easy to read. My applause!
    On the 2nd place non the less great @Venecia with Homunculus Creation. If you are still lost in how to create and develope a homunculus, check this guide!
    On the 3d place is @MagikElf with General guide for returning heroes! It's really helpful for those who meet the game for the fist time or havn't played for a long while.

    And here are authors that will receive honorable prizes:

    1. @Eyon00 with Othell GH macros.
    2. @MilJen with How to make money in lineage 2 - short guide for biginers.

    Lineage 2 team would like to congratulate the winners and thank everyone who participated.
    Please note that all winners will receive their prizes on 25th of May, Monday.
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