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[Contest] Become a mentor / 2020: Elemental Master Best Farming guide (IN A BUDGET)

Discussion in 'Players Guides' started by SapporoPOA, Mar 11, 2022.

  1. SapporoPOA

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    Char name: Sapporo
    Server: Purple

    Title: Elemental Master Best Farming (IN A BUDGET)
    Description: The goal of this guide is to show how to farm away from keyboard using Seraphim's buffs and Boxer mana recharge skill on auto, all the time and without an Orfen Earring +2. Because if you have that you don't need to use Boxer Unicorn.

    • Set up Seraphim's buffs and create a macro according to this picture:
    • Make sure you have Boxer mana recharge skill on auto too.
    At this point you must be able to test your macro and it should summon Seraphim, cast both buffs and summon Boxer again. Now you just need to find a way to click on that macro everytime your buffs end. And this is how you do it:
    • Use an external tool*:
      • press Z (to stop autohunt);
      • to press your macro shortcut
      • then press Z again
      • every X minutes (it depends on your level).
    Here is an example:
    • DONE! Now you are farming AFK with Seraphim buffs, no mana problems and no Orfen Earring +2 :)
    *: External tools are allowed by Innova, see here. You can use any mouse macro tool, for instance.