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(07/03) Update of the week: Loki's Trial, Springbloom Treasure and the Weekend Packs

Discussion in 'Weekly updates' started by RO_Imp, Mar 7, 2023.

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    The maintenance is over, the server is online. Changelog:

    Loki's Trial has begun. Prove yourself worthy until March 15th.

    The Weekend Packs
    arrived to the Launcher just for one week to provide you with all you need to get a perfect gear;
    — The Springbloom Treasure is here both individually and in packs. Check our Launcher and the Shop.

    — The daily quest Unreliable Fake Blood has been fixed. Now players can finish quest, collect rewards and summon MVP Dracula correctly;
    — The spawn of Wizard of Truth has been fixed. The mob will spawn only after 12 Crazed Adventurers would be killed.

    Finished activities:
    The "Shaken, not stirred!" event has come to an end;
    — The Refinement Sets with Bandeau of Lovers, Valkyrie Circlet and Red Fox Ears left the Launcher;
    — The Shadow Packs with Shadow Master Equipment also left the Launcher.

    Have a great game!