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[05.10] Maintenance Announcement

Discussion in 'Maintenance announcements' started by Ragnarok Online Prime, Oct 4, 2023.

  1. Ragnarok Online Prime

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    On 05.10 our Server will undergo maintenance starting from 09:00 CEST.
    The works are expected to take 3 hours.

    Planned Changes:
    — The Dovmihr's Legendary WIN-WIN Machine will leave the launcher.
    — The Shadow Packs will leave the launcher.
    — The "Eden +50% Experience Boost" event will come to an end.
    — The "Midgardian style Fishing in Morroc" event will come to an end.

    The full changelog will be posted after the maintenance.
    Reminder for guild leaders, the drop from the WoE chests must be collected before the maintenance's start.
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