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CONTEST Teach me how to play Lineage 2 Essence

Discussion in '2020' started by Artchem, May 8, 2020.

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  1. Artchem

    Artchem Community manager Innova Group

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    How are you doing, mavens?

    Every day newcomers ask other players questions about the game on the forum, Facebook group or discord. Lineage 2 Essence is the youngest version and, sadly, our guide subforum is empty yet. I offer you to take part in the guide contest and share your knowledge with users! Each guide writer has a chance to win pleasant rewards for its effort.

    ♠ What should be done?

    Create an up-to-date and detailed guideline about any game-topic of Lineage 2 Essence, which will be relevant for the Fluffy Reinforcement update.

    ♠ When should be done?

    Applications are accepted till the 21st of May, 17:00 CEST.

    ♠ Format Requirements

    • The work has to be done in English.
    • The work should be created in text format.
    • The guide has to be relevant for Lineage 2 Essence — Fluffy Reinforcement. (For example: Guide of the Death Knight Class; How to obtain and grow a pet; Tips for newcomers: how to lvl up and so on.);
    • The guide must be created especially for this contest and never be published anywhere before. Plagiarism is prohibited.
    • One guide per participant will be accepted.
    • Your guide for the contest should be posted on the special subforum.
    • The title of your guideline has to include the following prefix — [Guide Contest]. For example:
    • Your work must not break the rules of the game, the forum and the current legislature of Luxembourg. Official contest rules can be found here: https://eu-new.4game.com/legal/4game/4
    • You agree with the fact that Administration has the right to use works, you presented, in marketing, advertising and other purposes.
    ♠ Recommendations

    • State the following information at the beginning of your work:
      • server name
      • character nickname
    • To make the reading easier, please, format your headers and subheaders. You can use the forum's style or simple bold/italic/underlined. Please don't use more than 3 colors or 3 fonts in your text.
    • Recommended image platform — hostingkartinok.

    ♠ Prizes

    The best author will be awarded 40,000 L-Coins.
    For the second place the winner will receive 32,000 L-Coins.

    For the third place the winner will receive 24,000 L-Coins.

    Lineage 2 team reserves the right to chose 3-5 participants (depending on the number and the quality of works) and give out the recognition gift — 8,000 L-Coins.

    Also, winners will receive a new forum achievement — Hardin's Academic:

    ♠ Rewards

    Results will be approximately announced on the 22nd of May depending on the number of works.

    And remember, each your guideline may prove useful for someone from L2. Participating in the contest, you will help newcomers, returning users and even regular players.

    Let’s make Players’ Guides Subforum great together!
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  2. Artchem

    Artchem Community manager Innova Group

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    First of all, we just want to say how proud of you guys we are. It was a pleasure to read your works. Honestly, it was incredibly difficult (as usual) to choose winners since there are so many cool guides. But it’s a competition where there are winners and losers. Places were distributed as follows:

    The first place is @Pybas with the pet guide. Who doesn’t dream of a fluffy mate nowadays? Sure, everyone dreams. The author tells in detail how to obtain, what to feed, what to put on? All answers can be found in this guide, including an answer on the question “Worth it?

    The second place is @DoomerDK with the Death Knight guide. It will be a big help for all players who will decide to play DK. You will learn everything you need to know about this class, ranging from skills to equipment.

    The third place is @kaleugamerr with the guide for beginners. If you are a newbie and you are looking for basic information and tips about the game, we highly recommend you check this guide. The author has collected information about almost all of the basic points, structured and clearly showed them.

    Also, we cannot fail to note the following guides which are pretty good to our opinion. These 5 authors will be awarded by 8,000 L-coins:

    Please, winners, send me (@Artchem) pm on the forum with a head labeled "Give.Me.My.Prize". [​IMG]

    Thanks to all participants for sharing your knowledge with newcomers!
    You are the best!

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